Trawick International was founded in 1998. For many years we have provided Student Insurance to Universities, Independent Students and Scholars as well as International Student and Study Abroad insurance plans to students traveling outside of their home country.

After more than a decade of providing these insurance products, Trawick International moved into the travel sector and began offering Travel Insurance plans to clients from around the world.

Today we are pleased to offer a variety of Student Insurance, International Travel Insurance, and Trip Cancellation/Interruption plans. We continue to research ground-breaking products and ideas which meet the needs of travelers everywhere. Trawick strives to offer plans that not only meet those needs but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our travel insurance programs are designed for those traveling to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens who are traveling in the USA and non US citizens traveling from their home country but not visiting the USA. We offer an extensive worldwide network of quality physicians, hospitals and pharmacies. We cover employees, corporations, schools, frequent world travelers, international students, study abroad programs, missionary trips, and just the casual vacation traveler. Our individually customized plans can cover hospital stays, doctor visits, x-rays, prescriptions, ambulance, emergency evacuation, repatriation, flight insurance, trip interruption, trip cancellation, trip delay, and lost baggage.

20 Years Of Trust And Service