How to file a claim
  1. Gather Your Receipts and Documentation
    First you will need to have an itemized bill from the healthcare provider you received treatment from. It is important that it is itemized, as that will show the claims processors all services you received with their individual codes and costs needed to pay your claim. You can request this from the doctor or medical provider you visited by calling or emailing them explaining you are filing an insurance claim. Typically, you should only have to provide general information for them to find your file, but occasionally they may ask for you to sign for them to release the information to you because of patient protection laws. Click here to find more information on U.S. patient protection laws.

  2. Fill Out Your Claim Form
    Depending on your plan the claim form may vary. Be sure to look at the name of your plan and consider what type of claim you are filing such as medical expense reimbursement, trip cancellation/interruption, etc. to determine which claim form to submit. Filling out the claim form is a relatively easy process. Common information needed is on the receipts you will provide such as passport number, out of pocket expenses you paid, information on the accident or illness, healthcare provider’s information, and your insurance information such as Insurance ID beginning with a 999 or 980. The more information you can provide on your accident or illness that can help the claims department determine if your claim is for a covered reason based off your policy typically the easier processing will be.

  3. Make A Copy
    Always be sure to make copies of all supporting documents and claim form you are submitting to the insurance company in case there is a complication with your claim.

  4. Notify the Claims Department
    It’s always a good idea to contact the claims department for your policy and let them know you are filing a claim and find out if there is anything else you should provide before sending.

  5. Submitting Your Claim
    Depending on the type of policy you have you can submit your claim in multiple ways such as to the physical address listed on your ID card and policy documents, email address, or by logging into our Claims Portal. Once submitted give it time to reach the designated claims department before calling to check claim status or checking the status through our Claims Portal. You will also want to watch the email associated with your account as you may receive a request for additional documents to process your claim.

Step 3 - Complete the Claim

Find your insurance company below and follow the directions for submitting your forms and supporting documents.
If your carrier is not listed, call the phone number on your ID card.

Travel Medical — NON-US Citizens

Insurance Carrier: Crum and Forster SPC

Plan Names: Safe Travels (Elite, USA, USA Cost Saver, USA Comprehensive, International, International Cost Saver, IPI) or Passport Explorer

If you purchased prior to December 1, 2022 you will need to mail or email your claim. The claim forms below are listed by the kind of claim you want to make. In some cases, you may need more than one form to file for reimbursement. Fill it out completely and include copies of your documents and receipts. (Make sure to keep copies of the claim and documentation for your reference.)

Mail or email completed forms to:

Surego Administrative Services on Behalf of Crum and Forster SPC
PO Box 2069
Fairhope AL 36533

Status — For Crum and Forester claim status or assistance filing a claim, please contact select the Documents/Claim tab above or call 866-696-0409 or 251-928-0939.

Trip Cancellation and Outbound Plans - US Citizens/Residents

Insurance Carrier: Nationwide

Plan Names: Safe Travels - Explorer, Explorer Plus, Journey, Voyager, Single Trip, First Class, Annual, or Outbound
SafeTreker, Alumni, Nativity Pilgrimage, Supera, Signet, Holiday Vacations

Status — For Nationwide claim status or assistance filing a claim please contact the number on your ID Card or use CBP Connect.

Vacation Ownership / Travel Club / Safe Travels Rental /Safe Travels Flex /Customized Plans

Insurance Carrier: US Fire Insurance

Plan Names: Safe Travels Assure, Safe Travels Leisure, Safe Travels Rental Plus, Safe Travels Flex; Dues Guard Leisure, Dues Guard Use Year; Vacation Assure or Vacation Assure Choice; Global Connections

Status — For US Fire Insurance claim status or assistance filing a claim please contact the number on your ID Card or use CBP Connect.

The claims team will reach out to you via email when the claim has been accepted and again if additional information is needed to process the claim. You will receive insurance-related documents and communications, electronically to the email address you provided to us during the application process. This includes but not limited to, policy documents, disclosures, notices, explanation of benefits (EOB), claims documentation, requests for claim information.