What to wear? That is always a big question when traveling to another country (or even another state, city, etc.). Many t-shirts, hats, and other clothing items that seem comfortable and may have a favorite saying or character on them could land you in hot water somewhere else. Think about how the affect of wearing a rival teams color angers some fans. Now think about the symbols and images that widely appear on clothing. Many of these things could not only be insulting in other countries, but some could have a very negative impact on locals. We have compiled some great tips on "What Not to Wear" when traveling.


A tendency of American fashionistas is to display logos, both brand names and athletic teams. Lately, most clothing dons larger than life logos – the more noticeable the better – or so it seems from the offerings of department stores and teen-college retailers. Before you grab that oh-so-stylish hoodie with the giant logo or favorite collegiate team emblazoned on the front, give pause to think about what the locals will think, or if these items could be considered offensive.

Baseball Caps

Baseball is an American sport, hence the baseball cap being perceived as an American accessory. Not that being American is a bad thing – just no need to draw attention, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. So, when you dash out of the hotel for a quick pastry, opt for a pony tail rather than donning a baseball cap on bad hair days. Wearing a baseball cap is a bit casual and is a bit rude indoors anyway.

Jewelry or "Bling"

You know what bling is, right? Excessive Jewelry, whether costume or real is fine for going out stateside, but honestly you should never even pack those items when traveling overseas or out of the country. The best advice is take small statement pieces or jewelry that while it may compliment your attire, won't draw unnecessary attention to you or your traveling companions. The last thing you want is to lose something by accident or from theft.

The American Flag

The American flag has been incorporated into the fashion world on hats, shirts, bandanas, jeans, bathing suits, and jewelry. If it can be worn, the American flag has been used whether as apparel or as an accessory. It should be obvious not to wear the USA flag apparel abroad, but unfortunately, to some it’s not. With kidnappings on the rise it is wise not to draw attention to oneself as an American tourist or student.

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