While most people wish no harm to travelers, unfortunately some people are mean and love to take advantage of people who ‘look’ like tourists. Common sense precautions including how you dress, talk, travel in small groups, etc. will ensure an enjoyable trip. Beyond taking obvious safety measures is the strategy to “wear your money”. How? Here are our picks.

Money Pouch

A money pouch safely keeps your passport, identification, important papers, and cash. We would suggest only keeping a small portion of your cash in the money pouch and other amounts stashed in other safe places. Some call these “money belts” but we call them “pouches” because they are larger and more cumbersome than traditional money belts. These particular items are designed to be worn under clothing. Leave some money at your hotel in a safe or hidden area as well.

Hidden Storage

Roll bills into a pen. Obviously, this would be for cash you are not planning to spend that day. Keep the pen in an interior pocket. When inserted carefully, the money will not hinder pen usage. You may save this option for larger denominations. You can also choose to roll bills into an empty lipstick or makeup tube. Many stores now sell hidden storage items precisely for this use. These hidden places are generally the last place someone will look!

Waistband or Jacket

Slit your waistband wide enough to push rolled cash into it if you are wearing elastic pants or have an interior liner you can use. You may want to sew a vertical barrier seam to prevent the cash from going too far into your waistband. Again, make an enclosure either by sewing Velcro, snaps or a button to seal the slit. Another similar option would be to use the liner of a jacket to sew a hidden pocket and push a small roll into it to keep safe.


Hidden undergarments are a safe and easy way to conceal and carry your money. You can sew a pocket to the waistband of undergarments. Decide based on your activity level and what you feel will stay secure when using the restroom, walking, etc. For the ladies, we suggest a hidden bra pocket. An easy option is to purchase padded bras with removable “cup enhancements”. If you plan to swim, put your money in a small plastic snack bag with double zips, and then tuck into the undergarment.

We are always interested to hear your experiences while traveling. If you have something you would like to contribute to our tips page or site, email us at web@trawickinternational.com.